I am in pain. I have been getting these knots on my shoulder and neck for a couple of days now and I decided to get a massage to straighten them out. I asked the masseuse for moderate pressure and it felt great. But after a couple of hours my skin feels inflamed and tender to the touch. 24 hours later my skin feels like burning. UGH. I hate that feeling when you go somewhere to get something fixed..then you come out even worse.

Here we go again

A brand new blog. A new start. Took me a while to get this one started because I didn’t know what kind of blog I wanted to start again. I’ve become somewhat of a serial blogger – starting a blog when I’m bored and ending one for the same reason. No platform has really felt like home. Hopefully this will be my permanent one. So what am I going to write about? Mostly food stuff. A lot of planner stuff. Some travel stuff. And the occasional personal stuff. I’m just keeping things simple. I will not overthink or over complicate posts.